Orphaned Hare Makes Daily Visits To The Family Who Saved Her


A family in England rescued a baby hare and now receives daily visits from the critter after releasing her back into the wild.

Natasha Terry and her family found the baby hare in their garden at the beginning of the lockdown. Having previously seen an adult hare that had died a day before, the family realized it was an orphan.

Natasha tried to take her to an animal rescue, but were unable due to the pandemic. Instead they got to researching online, buying supplies hand-rearing the leveret at their home.

The family named her Clover, and cared for her for eight weeks before releasing her into fields nearby.

But two months on, Clover still regularly comes into the family’s garden, and even ventures back into the house.

“We feel a bit like Snow White really,” Terry told the PA news agency.

“She came through the back door into the house, which we were surprised about, and she went upstairs and looked into the mirror on our wardrobe – it was like she’d turned up to check how much she’d grown.”

“It’s not really like having a little bunny rabbit that quite happily hops around your lounge, she’s definitely far more a wild animal,” Terry said.

“And things are very much on her terms – if she didn’t want you to touch her, that was it, but if she fancied having a little cuddle she’d come and jump up and sit on your lap.”

After the family released Clover towards the back of their garden, they thought they might see her again once or twice.

“But to our surprise she comes back on a daily basis pretty much to come and say hi.”